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I like how, in an attempt to come across as sympathetic as possible, you conveniently left out the reason you were almost sued.

Edit - I should've explained. /u/thereddestshoes was almost sued for slander when she published a blog post claiming that because of his behavior on set, and that Francis Lyon has cited a past relationship as inspiration for Blue Valentine, that he must've been physically, emotionally, and sexually abusive towards his ex-girlfriend.

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wtf? he should've sued her ass and had her blacklisted her from hollywood. what sane person would claim something like that with no evidence?

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Oh bullshit. I'm not saying that what /u/thereddestshoes wrote was right, but if a man is manipulative and abusive towards his staff, it's not a reach to assume he's the same way at home. Plus I swear I read somewhere that his grandfather used to beat women and you know what they say about apples and trees.

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You're thinking of Gerard Depardieu. Francis' grandfather is Geraud Lyon.

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I would beat my wife too if I looked like this.

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And this is where feminism loses me every time. You can most definintly be an asshole in your professional life and not have that bleed into your personal one. Hell, my boss treats me and my coworkers like shit but he loves the hell out of his family and they love the hell out of him.

I know several women who are huge cunts. Should I assume they also beat and rape their husbands? Oops, I forgot the first rule of feminism, men don't get raped.

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If you're going to be an asshole on the internet, at least learn how to spell.

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Spell this: Suck-My-Fucking-Cock-You-Frigid-Bitch

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Sesame Street is always looking for Word of the Day suggestions. I'm going to submit this one.

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as someone who identifies as a feminist, i hate when we prove reddit trolls right.

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I'm not trying to gain sympathy from anyone. That was not my intention with the blog and it's certainly not my intention now. I just thought that people should be aware of what goes on behind the scenes with these overpowered (and undeserving) directors.

I'm big enough to acknowledge that I made a mistake in posting about how Lyon was maybe abusive to his ex-girlfriend. However, does it not strike anyone as odd that his team threatened legal action? Journalists write speculative posts all the time, and they're not always flattering.

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So, because everyone does it you should be absolved of trying to sabatoge someone's career?

How does this sound? I don't believe that the only reason Lyon tried to sue you was because of that one post. I think you made the whole thing up, Lyon found out, asked you to take it down and threatened legal action when you wouldn't. I think you're a sad little girl who spends the majority of her time creating lies about people on the internet, because you don't want to face the sad reality of your own ridiculously empty life.

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Francis, go to bed.

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Are you kidding me? Have you any of read Mackenna Cleary's Esquire interview where she pretty much confirms that Lyon is psycho:

When asked about being on set of Blue Valentine, Mackenna Cleary had this to say, "It was probably the most visceral and raw experience on set of any film i've ever been a part of. And that's probably what made being on set so.. Intense, I'll call it. There were breaking points for every person who was a part of this film, it's evident in the product. Would I have done things similarly? Absolutely not. But we got the end result we wanted, so I suppose it was worth it."

When we probed further to see if the claims director Francis Lyon caused her to break down on set, the lead actress explained, "The line between character and actor was so blurred, and the level of dedication from everyone on set was evident, that I think we forgot where and who we were sometimes. Things tend to get carried away." Weeks after filming finished, Cleary was photographed in Aruba with fans, and hasn't answered questions about Lyon's methods since.

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According to reddit!logic, because she's a woman she must be a lying bitch!

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Here we go...

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i don't see any confirmation that lyon is psycho. in fact, it sounds like cleary knew exactly the kind of environment she was getting into and it wasn't that bad. actresses cry all the time, especially when you're emotionally invested.

now, don't take this as me saying absolutely nothing was amiss on that set. but at least cleary wasn't physically assaulted. lyon and wardlaw came to blows a couple of times and they're still cool. so i'm not understanding what the problem is.

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Things are different between dudes. We can knock each other out and go get a drink afterwards. I doubt Wardlaw gave two shits about a few minor scuffles, especially against Lyon.

Can you imagine this trying to beat up this? Wardlaw had nothing to worry about.

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Like a Toy Poodle trying to take down a Great Dane.

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Once again r/movies prove they don't know anything about Hollywood. Francis Lyon's career isn't going to be ruined. In a few years, no one will be talking about this. He's a Lyon, the ultimate product of the "N" word. He could be a pedophile and his career would flourish.

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That was completely fucking unneccessary.