You stay on top of her, Buddy. Don't be afraid to ride her. Hard.

January 1, 2020


You're losing blood, aren't you? Probably, my socks are wet. Caw ca caw, caw ca caw, caw ca caw, caw ca caw. Well excuse me for liking the way they frame my junk! She wanted to look 48. I nearly airbrushed her into oblivion. Ended up checking "albino" on the form. Say something that will terrify me. Lindsay: F*** me. Tobias: No, that didn't do it. I prematurely shot my wad on what was supposed to be a dry now I'm afraid I have something of a mess on my hands.

Daddy horny, Michael. There's a girl in my soup! Te quiero. English, please. I love you! Great, now I'm late. The Army had half a day. She calls it a mayonegg. Buster, what are you doing with mother's rape horn? What, so the guy we are meeting with can't even grow his own hair? COME ON!

No, Pop-pop does not get a treat.

Teamocil. Go ahead, touch the Cornballer. She calls it a Mayonegg. It's a wonderful restaurant! You are a worse psychiatrist than you are a son-in-law and you will never get work as an actor because you have no talent.